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The All-Inclusive

A new song I will sing -
No longer shall I joy exalt
Sorrow I shall no longer lament
I will sing to the universal Truth
To the totality of Being
To the twinship of existence and extinction.

I will sing to the One Truth
Who creates and destroys,
Constructs and demolishes,
Fuses and severs,
Inscribes and obliterates,
Who bestows and afflicts --

For I have considered and found:
The Eternity and The Transience
The pleasure and the pain
And behold, it is all
verily good

- for bliss and suffering
are but two streams
From one fountain,
Happiness and mourning
are two branches
Of one root, (stem)
and subsistence and dissolution (nihility)
Two faces
To one Being --

I, to the Truth
Shall I sing
I will extol Who forms light
and creates darkness.

From the Hebrew by Yanki Tauber

Copyright © 1942-2024 Family Steinmetz. Reproduction or copying of this material is permitted if the source is cited.

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