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Freedom of Choice

Once there was
A mighty king
And in all lands of his kingdom
No man lifted
Hand nor foot
Without his say.

One day
He called for his faithful servant
and said to him:
"I shall build for you
A royal palace
Wherein you will sit
In sovereign rule."

And from that day on
When the king enters
The castle of his slave
He removes his crown
And becomes as one of the common folk.

And when the faithful servant
Sees his king
With his royal head bare of crown
And bereft of the golden scepter in his hand
His soul cringes
His compassion overwhelms
He falls from his throne
To the feet of his master.

From the Hebrew by Yanki Tauber, originally published by www.chabad.org.

Click here for the Hebrew Original - המקור בעברית

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