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The voice of the soil

I am-
Dead - yet vivify
Inanimate - yet fertilize
I am the grave
and the grain's furrow
The enemy am I, sinister and dark -
and Mother, sister, and bosom wife

My loam quivers
Upon your sole she pounds
On your feet, O Man, she knocks
As over me you trample - -
But your lofty spirit, Son of Earth,
Who soars on so high
Wherefore will you stoop?
How to me will you bow?!...

I long for you
Parted brother
Day by day
Your steps I kiss - -
Bit by bit
With the cords of my passion
I draw you.
I bide my time
'til, O Wanderer, you tire;
I await your return
When ebbs your day
And weary you will plunge
Into my embrace

From the Hebrew by Yanki Tauber

Click here for the Hebrew Original - המקור בעברית

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