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The Day of the Hungarian Science 2005
Dr. Ferenc Borsányi - Schmidt lectures at the conference.

Series of Scientific Conferences at the Jewish Theological Seminary- University of Jewish Studies

Year to year the Hungarian scientific life has been mobilized by the Day of the Hungarian Science, ever since the national academic and research institutions decided to commemorate the generous gesture of the Hungarian Aristocrat, Count István Széchenyi, i.e. the establishing the Hungarian Academy of Science.

This year the Jewish Theological Seminary - University of Jewish Studies greeted this special event of the Hungarian scientific life with three scientific sessions and even with a music program.

Mourning and remembrance was the subject of the first session on November 17, organized by the Department of Pedagogy and Social Work, bearing the title of "The Holocaust and Traumas of the Survivors' Descendants".

Dr. Ferenc Borsányi - Schmidt , university lecturer remembered the poet Zvi Yair, zcl., who has passed away recently. In his lecture we could follow the long road taken by the religious poet from Debrecen to the Parnassos of the modern Hebrew poetry.

December 2, 2005
written by Péter Róbert

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